Gift Your Kids with Peg Dolls and Develop Their Interest In Hand Crafting Skills

The majority of the dolls are made of polyurethane and vinyl resin that make the dolls look smooth and appear in a texture almost like a human skin. The dolls in the earliest days were made using natural materials and the most valuable dolls of all other are the wooden dolls. Though wood is the first known material that were employed by craftsmen to make dolls in the earlier times in Egypt, the collectible dolls made using wood in the ancient times were first hand made in England. Artisans were started carving wooden figures creatively for religious poses and other forms that are liked by the children popularly. It was then when the wooden dolls became popular. Check out this helpful site to learn more.

Popularity of peg dolls:

Among all the wooden made dolls, the peg dolls have a special significance for children. These dolls have joined legs with their head and body carved together usually. Peg dolls are normally sold undressed and intended for young girls to cloth them with scraps of fabric. There are also other wooden dolls that are constructed similarly, with a jointing method where the legs and arms are connected to the body using pegs. The legs or arms of peg wooden dolls are sometimes locked together by means of jointing system. 

Special types of peg dolls:

Peg dolls are sold out in many special types to inspire the children. The tuck comb dolls are some of the very special peg dolls that are named so because of their carved hair comb. The body and head of these dolls is turned as a single piece. The hairs of these dolls are normally painted using a painted comb and curled bangs. The tuck comb dolls that come out in the earlier times had graceful proportions, elongated with painted slippers and carved details. There are also some other peg dolls that are dressed as merchants, having a special name called pediar dolls.

Best feature of peg dolls:

The wonderful part about peg dolls is that they are easy to make. It can even be made by someone having very little crafting knowledge. In fact, peg dolls offer a great craft activity experience that children and adult can carry out together. Most of the materials are utilized to decorate peg dolls further. The forms of peg dolls are crafted with unfinished wood that has to be painted and clothed with fabric scraps or pieces of wool. If children are gifted with peg dolls, they will become more interested in crafting as they certainly adore playing with peg dolls.