How To Make Your Preschool Safe

Having over a hundred naughty, energetic kids running around could automatically be translated into a recipe for disaster. However as an owner of a preschool it is your responsibility to make sure that each and every one of these kids are safe during the few hours they spend with you. It might be a tedious task which requires a lot of work and planning, but it should be one that is taken very seriously. Here are 3 key facts you should think about when ensuring that your preschool is a safe setting for kids.

Get the right staff

Your staff will be your most valuable asset. Have as many teachers as you think you will need to handle the number of kids who will be attending your preschool. Unlike middle school or high school, preschool kids have no idea what they are doing most of the time. They will always be full of energy and never want to sit in one place for too long. Therefore having one teacher per class will never be enough.

More importantly having teachers and educators who aren’t well trained can be detrimental for your preschool. There is no point in having an extensive number of teachers if each of them doesn’t possess the adequate skills to deal with the children under their supervision.

Also make sure to hire a nurse, security official at Country Cubbies and any other professional who may assist you with keeping things in order.

Keep the play area safe

A play area is a must to make any preschool enjoyable for the kids who attend it. Your play area may only consist of a single cubby houses and swing set or it may look like a miniature amusement park. Either way, it should be designed to ensure the safety of the kids.

The cubby house could be barricaded in spots where you may think are risky for the younger kids. A teacher or supervisor could be assigned to be on duty throughout the day at the play area to keep an eye on the little ones.

Enforce proper rules

The only way to make sure that the children act in a way that is not harmful to them is by implementing a proper set of rules and regulations. It may take a while for them to start abiding by them, but letting them lose just because they are kids will not be helpful to anyone. The rules should be enforced clearly, calmly and consistently. The value of the rules should be taught to the kids in a way that they can understand and communicated to the parents so that they could reinforce them even when the child is at home.